Tristan & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 1

Thu, 01/02/2020 |

Tristan leans back into the pillows, arching his neck as Ari kisses him up and down. The boy’s soft lips graze his skin as they move, sending pulses of pleasure throughout Tristan’s body. He turns his head to Ari’s, meeting his mouth in a kiss, making his cock stand at attention. He loves feeling Ari all over him, eager for more!

Ari drops to his knees, taking Tristan’s cock in his mouth, worshipping his heavy balls as the mustached man plays with his hair. Tristan is exactly what Ari loves in a top. Meaty and manly with a love for playful fucking… And whenever he says “good boy,” it sends Ari’s loins into a storm of excitement!

Tristan props Ari up on the pillows, gingerly spreading his legs apart to get a good look at his perfect pussy. He buries his face in it, lapping at it as his pierced clit gets harder and wetter. Tristan devours it, warming it up, as he feels his own cock leak, ready to plunge inside. Ari holds out as long as he can, riding the wave of pleasure from Tristan’s tongue before begging to be filled with his raw cock!