Spencer & Luke in Atlanta Chapter 1

Thu, 09/24/2020 |

Spencer and Luke love getting their hands all over each other! With their natural, masculine chemistry, they completely lose sight of the camera as they dive deep into one another’s bodies and get right to action. Spencer loves Luke’s compact, athletic body, kissing between his soft, furry legs to get up to his hard, throbbing clit...

Spencer runs his tongue over it, licking Luke’s wet pussy as he arches his back, riding the wave of pleasure. Luke watches as Spencer works over his genitals, turned on by the excited look in his hungry eyes as well as by the physical sensations that pulse through his body. He knows Spencer is a “giver” and wants to make him happy, giving himself over to Spencer’s touch.

Luke lies on his back, spreading his legs apart once more. Spencer moves between him, resting his thick, muscular thighs against Luke’s, feeling the tip of his cock kiss his pussy. With a slow forward motion, he feels Luke split apart around him, taking him in as his cock is enveloped in the warm, wet hole!