Sean & Ari Chapter 1

Thu, 12/31/2020 |
Tags: oral, toys

Sean Duran admits he’s only been with one ftm trans man before, but that it was really hot—he likes pussy, but only on a man. Ari Koyote smiles through the whole conversation, looking forward to having his pussy eaten by the large, hairy muscle man next to him. Sean is already hard inside his briefs even before the two start making out. He starts grinding on Ari when he rolls on top of him to make out.

Ari sucks Sean’s thick cock bedside, looking up at him past his pecs. Sean returns the favor with his head between Ari’s thighs to eat his pierced and shaved jock pussy. The way Sean swirls his tongue and sucks on his clit makes Ari spasm, moan, and grind into Sean’s face. Sean’s not shy about punching his tongue deep and moaning into Ari’s pussy to get him wet. Then Sean tests Ari’s depths with a toy. Ari rubs his clit, breathing heavily, and Sean sucks Ari’s nipples as the two make out until Ari gasps and moans as Sean makes him cum.