Ryan & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 2

Thu, 08/27/2020 |

Ari drops to his knees, hungry to swallow Ryan’s massive member. The trans boy’s mouth opens to take him in, feeling it reach toward the back of his throat with each thrust of Ryan’s hips. The tatted top feels Ari’s mouth close down around him, massaging him and making him even more excited to fuck. But nothing quite gets him going like the hot, wet, mound between Ari’s legs!

Sliding between his legs, Ryan’s mouth plants firmly on Ari’s pussy, lapping at his hard clit while the trans boy moans with pleasure. Every flick of his tongue is enough to send Ari close to the edge of climax, holding back in hopes of feeling Ryan’s cock plunge deep inside. And the wetter Ari gets, the more Ryan’s need to breed builds...

Ari looks up as Ryan slides his cock into his hole, feeling his pussy spread apart as it makes way for the bearded man. Ari works it from the inside, massaging his shaft and milking him closer to orgasm. Ryan trembles as the pleasure rushes over him, doing all he can to keep the intense feeling going. But he knows it’s only a matter of time before he pours his load out into Ari’s hot pussy!