Phoenix & Luke in Salt Lake City

Thu, 03/11/2021 |

Phoenix Tanner is a total romantic. He loves getting close with his partners, kissing them, feeling their bodies, and making them feel amazing. With his tall, lean body, he’s very comfortable being the big spoon, feeling his smaller, bottom buddies press against his big cock. And Luke Hudson is no exception.

Phoenix loves the trans man’s compact, athletic frame, feeling the firmness of his chest and arms as they kiss. Luke kisses back with absolute passion, making Luke’s cock rock hard. And while he’s eager to feel it deep inside Luke’s hot hole, he’s more interested in making him wet and wild.

Leaning his face between Luke’s legs, he licks his hard clit, teasing it with the tip of his tongue while salivating all over his hot pussy. Luke pushes his pelvis forward, giving Phoenix a mouthful that he’s happy to receive. Phoenix worships Luke’s body, feeling his own cock leak precum with each enticing kiss and lick.

Luke swaps out his position on the couch, maneuvering between Phoenix’s long legs. The tall man’s limbs are proportional to his long, thick cock, giving Luke an exciting challenge as he swallows it down his throat. Phoenix can’t help but smile as he sees Luke take his massive meat, getting him ready to plunge it deep in his tight pussy.

Luke takes the initiative to jump on Phoenix’s cock, feeling it split apart his genitals as it makes its way deep into his hole. Phoenix can’t believe how good it feels, watching every inch of his tool disappear inside Luke’s firm, toned torso. He immediately begins thrusting, feeling Luke's wet pussy wrap around his shaft, milking him closer to climax with each impassioned push.