Oliver & Luke in Des Moines

Thu, 08/13/2020 |

Luke is a total catch! The scruffy, bearded stud has a great body, insatiable sex drive, and the face of angel. It’s no wonder why the tall, muscled jock, Oliver, can’t keep his hands off of him. The two start off by lying in bed, making out passionately as they feel each other all over, getting worked up for a intense fuck.

Oliver stands up and gives Luke his massive cock to suck on and service. Luke can hardly take his eyes off the handsome giant, dutifully focusing on his massive man meat, getting him rock hard and wet. But Oliver can only hold off his desire to breed for so long, throwing his tiny trans bottom onto the bed to drive his thick cock deep between his legs...

The size difference between them only adds to the incredible chemistry these two have as they thrust and grind closer to climax. Luke’s fit, compact body shakes and trembles as Oliver shows his sexual prowess, working his tight pussy to milk out a hot, creamy load!