JJ & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 1

Thu, 10/08/2020 |

Ari is a total horn-dog when it comes to smooth, young tops. He loves feeling their lean bodies and rock hard cocks poking up through their underwear as he kisses them. JJ’s lips greet Ari’s with a similar desire, hungry for the trans boy’s scruffy face and sexy, tattooed body. And as they press closer to each other, JJ can’t hold back his desire to taste him...

Ari lies back in bed, opening his legs up for the dark-haired stud to devour his pussy. Lapping at his clit and flicking his piercing, JJ makes out with Ari’s crotch, completely enraptured in how it feels against his tongue as well as by the sounds that Ari makes. Moaning deeply and intimately, Ari feels himself melt from the inside out as JJ expertly teases and entices him.

Ari’s mouth waters as he feels his clit get wet, eager to return the favor. JJ lies back and watches as the sexy trans boy works his shaft, sucking it down his throat and cradling his balls in his hands. Ari knows exactly how to make JJ feel good — and how to make him desperate to fuck.

Sliding his pussy down on JJ’s throbbing cock, Ari begins to milk out a hot load from the hot young top, making him feel the exquisite massage that his pussy can give. JJ can’t believe how amazing it feels, trying with all his might to hold back blowing his load as long as possible!