Jay & Tommy in Montreal Chapter 3

Thu, 01/14/2021 |

Tommy Tanner catches Jay James jerking his long, uncut cock on the couch, but he doesn’t want Jay to stop. He wants to suck that long, curved rod, and when Tommy proves he can take the whole thing, Jay holds his head down on his crotch

Tommy can’t wait to sit on it, and he mounts Jay, rubbing the lubed-up cock across his pussy to get it wet before sliding right down on it. Tommy is an energetic fuck, taking complete control with long deep stokes to show Jay that his pussy can take a pounding. Jay licks and kisses Tommy’s nipples as he leans forward to brace himself on the back of the couch. He holds Tommy up so he can piston fuck him from below.

Jay gets Tommy on all fours so he can fuck his pussy hard behind and then flips him over so he can hit deeper. Tommy rubs his clit furiously with Jay slamming into him from this position. Tommy asks for it harder, and it’s only moments until Tommy’s body is spasming with his pussygasm. He’s not greedy though. With his ankles on Jay’s shoulders, Tommy lays back and lets Jay back in. Jay’s arms go rigid and Tommy begs for him to cum inside. Jay churns his load deep in Tommy’s pussy then pulls all the way out to see his cum just for a moment before sliding right back inside.