Gabriel & Tommy in Montreal Chapter 4

Thu, 12/03/2020 |
Tags: oral, toys

Gabriel Clark and Tommy Tanner are lying on a hotel bed together, in T-shirts and jeans, and they’re so smitten with one another they can’t help making out and laughing. Before long, Gabriel has sexy, tattooed Tommy stripped down to a pair of Pump briefs. “I’ll give you a back rub,” he says teasingly, flipping Tommy onto his stomach.

Gabriel starts rubbing Tommy’s shoulders, and he’s so aroused by the sexy guy beneath him that he strips down to just his boxer briefs to feel skin on skin. Before long, he slides between Tommy’s legs, slipping his briefs to one side so he can eat Tommy's tight pussy. With Gabriel’s face buried between his legs, Tommy moans in pleasure and anticipation, and it's clear his moans mean, “Baby, I want more!”

Gabriel is happy to comply, fingering Tommy’s clit before pulling his briefs off entirely to raise him onto his hands and knees for a deeper tongue fucking. Ass up and face down, Tommy is so turned on that it’s almost too much when Gabriel brings out the massage wand, rubbing it up and down Tommy’s spit-slicked pussy. Tommy’s whole body starts shaking from the pleasure, and as Gabriel watches him twitch and moan, he strokes his own throbbing cock. Still not ready to let Tommy have that dick, he keeps rubbing the massager on Tommy's clit while also fingering his ass.

“More!” Tommy begs, lying on his back with his legs spread. “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum!” he yells as Gabriel grinds the massager harder, bringing him to climax. They kiss again, Gabriel’s still hard cock leaving trails of precum all over Tommy. His turn will come soon...