Gabriel & Tommy in Montreal Chapter 3

Thu, 09/10/2020 |

Gabriel and Tommy can barely keep their hands off each other long enough to move from the bedroom to the bathroom. But before the water even gets warm for their post-coital shower, Gabriel’s cock is already hard and throbbing again for another hot fuck! And Tommy’s pussy is still wet and ready for the handsome man to take, opening his legs for Gabriel to slide his fingers inside...

Gabriel turns Tommy towards the wall, getting down on his knees to devour the tatted jock’s ass and pussy, practically drowning as the water and clit juice washes over his face. Tommy’s moans in the echoey stall only make Gabriel more excited for another deep dicking, stroking his cock before sliding it between his partner’s wet pussy lips.

Tommy grabs onto Gabriel’s smooth, muscular body, hungry to be full of the handsome man’s thick cock once again. He props a leg up on the door to give Gabriel total control of his pussy, feeling his insides tremble around Tommy’s hard thrusting cock. The two forget all about getting clean and get lost in each other’s pleasure, working each other toward another epic climax!