Parker & Ari in Atlanta

Fri, 05/17/2019 |

Parker and Ari make a sexy pair in their Atlanta bedroom. Ari cannot get enough of Parker’s body and mouth, making out passionately as his hands explore his toned, muscular ass and arms. He’s a strong, firm fucker who excites him with every breathy kiss. Parker loves grabbing Ari’s round ass, feeling his cheeks spread apart to show his beautiful, wet pussy. Parker gets down, giving it a taste with his long, experienced tongue, worshipping Ari’s clit, watching him twist and turn from pleasure. Ari cannot wait to reciprocate, taking Parker’s enormous, rock hard cock to the back of this throat, teasing it with his tongue and giving him the feel for a hot, wet fuck. Parker can barely wait to spread Ari’s legs and filling his pussy with his meat. Ari moans as it pushes further inside, happy to take every raw inch and bring his stud to climax!